Are limousine hourly rates too much?

The other day was my sons 18th birthday and he wanted to rent a limousine for his birthday party. So while I was online doing my research, I obviously found out pricing information.

Needless to say…

I was very surprised at how affordable they were! All of this time, I had been under the impression that limousine rentals were out of the question and we’re just crazy overpriced. That’s not the case.

Limo 3

So I was able to make his wish come true and order him a nice stretched out hummer limousine for him and his friends.

Pricing will always be different depending on where you are and the company you choose but I only paid 125 an hour. That’s not bad considering the 15 plus people at the party. Those hummer limos are the real deal. I would recommend that if you have a party coming up for you or anyone you care about, consider renting a limousine for a few hours to haul you around town. It’s not as expensive as you might have thought! Not to mention it’s an awesome time.

Get out there and do you research people. I booked my fantastic limo service through